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Timber construction and Roof trusses
The modern architecture of today places high demands on the material and manual execution. Innovative solutions are particularly in demand when it comes to roof constructions.
Nail plate construction
Innovative solutions are particularly in demand when it comes to roof constructions.
The solution Roof truss constructions
The technical concept Nail plates are pressed in at each junction to create press-fit connections.
The result A high load capacity and optimal material utilization
Nail plates with timber - A strong connection
Nail plate constructions in timber construction - individual and safe.
The use of Roof truss constructions opens up new potential to create roof constructions even more efficiently and economically. Get started with nail plate technology
Roof truss constructions are perfectly suited to all types of structures
Agricultural buildings, Halls, workshops, and hypermarkets, Administrative and office buildings, Schools and kindergartens, Special constructions, Housing construction, Renovation of flat roofs, Building extensions
The variety of demands
Advantages of our Roof truss constructions
cost-effective and economical, elementary construction, material-saving construction, low dead weight industrial production, on-time delivery quality through internal and external monitoring, verifiable statics
Production of roof trusses video
Timber construction and Roof trusses
Roof truss constructions
Our quality and speed give you competitive advantages. Our high level of experience, superb expertise and the most modern and computer-controlled manufacturing techniques that master the most complex constructions have made us a leading supplier of nail plate constructions for architects, engineers, carpenters and construction companies.
We design and manufacture according to your wishes. Our team of engineers support you throughout the process, from planning and verifiable statics to execution.
Our quality-monitored NP constructions cover all areas where Roof trusses have economic and ecological advantages.
Implemented with nail plate Roof trusses
Norges Hus Portugal Lda - your reliable partner
Only high quality and technically dried timber is used for Roof truss constructions by Norges Hus Portugal Lda. The technical drying process guarantees a dimensionally stable material. Only minimal changes in size and shape are to be expected in the installed condition. The permitted maximum timber moisture content of less than 20% is achieved without any problems.
Quality and safety
Our Roof truss constructions are marked with the CE seal of quality.
of the carpentry, roofing and building industries
As a certified company, we rely on both external and internal monitoring of our business processes and products. Roof trusses from Norges Hus Portugal Lda always meet the highest demands.
Our roof trusses correspond to building standards for nail plate joined elements EN 14250:2010. For manufacturing our trusses, we only use high quality hardened timber (C24), certified nait plates (MiTek) and long-term engineering experience.
We understand that combining good, cost-effective building science with the right products and materials can help create a home that’s healthier and more efficient – while being kind to the environment.
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Norges Hus Portugal roof trusses catalogue
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